Andrea Terrano - Sunset Balearia

Sun soaked, super-chilled, pure freedom, ’Sunset Balearia’ oozes the romance of that heaven on earth as we experience a beautiful sunset.

Again Andrea Terrano declares his love for Ibiza and the seas that surround it, in this passionate guitar piece, as he did before when he featured on the Basement Jaxx classic ‘Mermaid of Salinas’.

This time his touch is more wistful, as the sunsets once again on a White Isle summer season, remembering its joy in a dolphins dream.

Produced by Felix Buxton (Basement Jaxx)


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Posted: 18/10/19

Basement Jaxx - Yodel Song feat. Sofia Shkidchenko

Debuted at the Basement Jaxx Orchestral show at the Sydney Opera House this spring, the Yodel Song finally sees a release.

Featuring the joyful exuberant purity of Ukrainian singer Sofia Shkidchenko, who calls for us to Dance together to Save the World, like a mountain spirit of Greta Thunberg - this is classic life-affirming Basement Jaxx.. A carnival on the dance floor with explosions of brass, strings and multi-colours, helping fuel a string of Basement Jaxx DJ sets around the world.

Sofia recently joined Basement Jaxx on the Zoe Ball breakfast Show performing the song on her return from the World Yodel Day in South Korea..

Posted: 26/09/19

Aluben Noiro - Levitate State

Limited 12" Vinyl & Digital

Levitate State, the debut album from Aluben Noiro. An other worldly meditative journey of inner exploration designed to enhance deep relaxation states. Levitate State’s intent is to create a calm and quiet respite from this frantic world and is perfect for floatation. This record will help the listener find inner peace. An interweaving of sonic circuitry, slow, rich and subtle textures melt into a deeply hypnotic wash of sound and texture. This skyward-facing journey, euphoric and deeply reflective soundscape should be enjoyed laying down to imagine floating through space to your very own cinematic soundtrack.

Vinyl: Juno / Rough Trade 


Posted: 28/03/19

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