Chaemini - Calling for the Light / Bring the New Year In

Chaemini also known as ‘Lady Chay’ from the Basement Jaxx song “Back to the Wild” releases her solo EP on Atlantic Jaxx with themes of Peace and Universal Love. 

”Calling For The Light” - A Cosmic Classic. A Mesmerising future-classical electronic record made for a film set in space. Chaemini’s pure and ethereal voice soars and calls for “The Light ” in these dark times,  inviting us to “Love the rain, it feeds the trees, so we can live, so we can breathe”. 

An animation accompanies the song created by a young Chinese artist Yujie Xu. The song is a ‘Peace’ song, which considers the North Korean / US missile crisis

The release includes a special Korean version of the song and video, which spreads the message to her fans back home.


“Bring The New Year In” - Intergalactic Dreamy Deep House calling for "Universal Love”. Chaemini’s inspirational song is a prayer to the Universe which seeks to inspire positivity in Humankind. “Bring the New Year In, Let’s paint it up in Beautiful Colours”.

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Posted: 28/12/17

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