WAFA - Abandon Me

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WAFA's eccentric productions have been a hot topic on the dancefloor, ever since he debuted on Sinden's Grizzly label a year or so ago. Just in time for the nearing festival season, we're most excited to hand over the results of his latest studio effort, and it goes without saying, 'Abandon Me' is big! Wonky guitar, strange noises darting about in all directions, thick slabs of chopping bass, it's as cutting edge as a razor and, most of all, it works. Giving it a paint job via sleek-edged warped electro awashing, Crookers fashion the original with their essential re-fix, while Basement Jaxx return to the remix fore, displaying no rustiness with a beautiful Ibiza-pointing tropical house rub over; and then our icing on the cake, a slo-mo, half-stepping FHR remix.

Posted: 05/05/12

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